Precalculus/College Algebra

Tutorials and Videos

  • Math TV   Free videos for quick review of key algebra concepts; some are in Spanish
  • Free videos from Khan Academy These videos address all the main topics of algebra and precalculus. Free registration is required.
  • Study Guide for Precalculus - This notebook organizer will help you develop a section-by-section summary of the key concepts in Precalculus. It is a set of templates to help you take notes, review section highlights, draw graphs, and keep track of homework assignments. From the Cengage companion web site to Larson's Precalculus, 4th ed. (but you can use it with any textbook - the page numbers and section numbers may differ, but the content will be very similar .)

New Textbooks

Online Graphing Tools

  • Wolfram|Alpha Type in an equation to solve, or a function to graph in the dialog box for Wolfram|Alpha! Use it to explore concepts and check homework problems. For example, type solve x^2-9=0 or plot x^2-9, x=-2 to 4

  • Desmos A quick and easy interactive graphing app

Other Resources

Online algebra quizzes Self checking quizzes on various basic algebra topics from a textbook companion web site. Accessible to anyone.
Purplemath algebra page - from pre-algebra to precalculus; lots of topics covered for review.
Modeling with Excel. A self contained Excel workbook showing how to graph functions, build tables and perform curve fitting with polynomials. The file contains macros to use for graphing. Download and open with Excel for maximal functionality.
General data graphing applet from the National Center for Education Statistics. Very cool.
SOS Math algebra page - various topics in algebra are covered here; graphical approach when appropriate
Geogebra- free graphing program; Check out the GeoGebra page on this site